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Pyramid Activity Box

Pyramid Activity Box

Classic World wooden pyramid activity box toy offers such a lot for children to discover and will provide your child with hours of fun! 

Designed in a creative tetrahedron structure, the activity box is packed with different things on each of it's sides to challenge and entertain your children as they grow.

The theme is space exploration. This side has 3 gears and each of them helps train your child’s finger dexterity. When the gears start to run, the bright “Sun” appears, rises and falls, then passes through the “Moon” and the “Star” with its bright luster.

This side contains a yellow button that makes a squeaking sound, a xylophone, a ring bell along with the scarper that can provoke your child’s hearing sensitivity. They can also use the mallet to make music. In addition, there’s a small pendant ball on the left side of the bell. When the pendant falls down, it will hit the ring bell and make a unique sound.

Children can never get tired of playing the shape sorting game! There are three holes in different shapes on the surface, each hole matches one block. Put those blocks into the corresponding hole! It will improve your child’s problem-solving skills!

This side helps children to get to know themselves better. Rotate the turntable to show different facial expressions on the left side that children can imitate and a mirror that will help them learn to recognise themselves.

Dimensions 33 x 35 x 29cm

Recommended Age 2 years +

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