Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers

Everyone likes a good old fashioned brain teaser every now and then. They really challenge and stimulate the mind and provide an excellent feeling of satisfaction once solved.

Jumpin' Jacks Toys has more than 10 different popular kids brain teaser games that will have them quickly absorbed and occupied for hours. Our childrens brain teasers have been carefully selected from some of the most reputable international brands. Once your child engages him or herself in a brain teaser, they'll be hooked.

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Addict A Ball Maze 2

Addictaball Maze 2 - 100 stages, 13 cm diameter.Have you got the skills?A handheld ga..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $17.39

Coggy by Fat Brain Toys

Get your mental gears spinning with this bending, clicking, shape-shifting brainteaser!Movi..

$33.00 Ex Tax: $28.70

Crankity Brainteaser by Fat Brain Toys

Get your brain cranking!The object is simple: just build a puzzle solution between the red gear and..

$40.00 $30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Mindware Colour Stix Game

Colourful meets resourceful! Divide the Color Stix evenly and start the timer. Players race to arra..

$50.00 $40.00 Ex Tax: $34.78

Brain Wavez IQ Puzzle Cards in Tin

This collection of mental teasers and classic conundrums will test for sparks of inspiration ... try..

$15.00 $8.00 Ex Tax: $6.96

Crazy Cheese Brainteaser Puzzle

Crazy Cheese is both a wooden puzzle and a brainteaser.As simple as it appears, completing this puzz..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.04

Deluxe Wooden Tower Game

Classic World Deluxe Tower Game puts a new spin on the classic Jenga game by featuring bright colour..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Gift Egg Labyrinth Brain Teaser Puzzle

Add a little bit of a challenge to your kid's Easter egg basket with this gift egg by Smart EggBeaut..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $8.70

Mondrian Blocks Blue Edition

Each travel case of Mondrain Blocks contains 88 challenges on 44 double-sided cards and 11 play bloc..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Mondrian Blocks Red Edition

Each travel case of Mondrain Blocks contains 88 challenges on 44 double-sided cards and 11 play bloc..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Mondrian Blocks Yellow Edition

Each travel case of Mondrain Blocks contains 88 challenges on 44 double-sided cards and 11 play bloc..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Noggin Workshop Brain Bending Conundrums

Noggin Workshop Brain Bending Conundrums is a card game of puzzles wrapped in riddles inside mysteri..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $8.70

Noggin Workshop IQ Squares

Noggin Workshop IQ Squares is a brain-teasing card game that requires players to use their powers of..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $8.70

Noggin Workshop Picture Problems

Noggin Workshop Picture Problems is a brain-teasing card game that requires players to challenge bot..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $8.70

OK Play Travel Game

OK Play is the ultimate travel game, clip it to your bag and take it anywhere!  It's is a super..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

One in a Chameleon

One in a Chameleon brainteaser game offers  24 challenges, 12 each in 2 different pattern types..

$28.00 Ex Tax: $24.35

Pentago Travel Set

Introducing Pentago, the mind twisting game from Sweden! The game starts with an empty game board, c..

$35.00 $20.00 Ex Tax: $17.39

Pop It Fidget Tangram Learning Set

This 7 piece pop it fidget tangram set is a combination of different shapes and sizes to allow child..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $21.74

Road Trip Packing Puzzle

Kids will love packing the car for the next road trip!Fat Brain Toys Road Trip Packing Puzzle is a f..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $34.78

Smart Games Deducktion Travel Game

Smart Games Deducktion is a multi-level one-player travel game where players use their deduction ski..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $17.39

Smart Games IQ Blox

Think out of the Blox!In IQ-Blox the walls don’t block; instead they help you find solutions.Use th..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $17.39

Smart Games IQ Twist

Open the box and remove the 8 twisted playing pieces. Select a challenge and place the pegs on the ..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $17.39

Smart Games Monsters Hide and Seek

Smart Games' travel-friendly, educational game, Monsters Hide and Seek, features 60 challenges from ..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

SmartCar Mini Brain Teaser Puzzle

Smart Games SmartCar Mini is a fun, compact, 3D-puzzle with 24 challenges.  Players build ..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.04

SmartMax My First Acrobats

SmartMax My First Acrobats has your child rotating, moving, and positioning colourful pieces as it f..

$50.00 Ex Tax: $43.48

Square Up

Square Up is a tremendously fun, fast and exciting two-player visual thinking game.Shake the cube to..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $34.78

Triazzle 16 Piece Puzzle - Space

This unique mosaic puzzle will delight and challenge the whole family. Remove the triangular pieces..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.04

Triple Pentago

Triple Pentago, the mind twisting game, is a new version of the original Pentago strategy game, whic..

$44.00 Ex Tax: $38.26

Twangled Knot Your Average Game

Get your family off the couch and interacting with Twangled!Twangled is a great team-building buildi..

$40.00 $30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Walk the Dog

Smart Games Walk the Dog one player game encouraging players to use logic and deduction skills to po..

$45.00 Ex Tax: $39.13

Zig Zag Puzzler Brain Teaser

Stretch your brain with Smart Games' Zig Zig Puzzler!This 1 player puzzle game has 80 challenges fro..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09