Board Games

Board Games

Board games play a big part in nearly every New Zealand family's home.  We offer a superb range that will challenge and stimulate the mind and provide hours of learning, fun and entertainment as well.

Each of our childrens board games are suited to specific interests and age groups. Below you'll find one of the best selections of kids board games NZ toy shops have to offer.

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123 Treasure Hunt Counting Game

The Learning Journey's 123 Treasure Hunt is a board game with a counting theme and an adventurous wa..

$32.00 Ex Tax: $27.83


Baffled is the ultimate memory game. Each player has just 60 seconds to memorise the positions ..

$28.00 Ex Tax: $24.35

Colors and Shapes Race to the Rainbow

The Learning Journey's Race to the Rainbow is a challenging and whimsical game with a colourful them..

$32.00 Ex Tax: $27.83

Colour and Shape Bingo! Beat the Octopus

This fun, interactive game teaches children colour and shape recognition.The aim of the game is to b..

$35.00 Ex Tax: $30.43

Corners Up by Fat Brain Toys

Corners Up Game is a game where players strategically stack game pieces to try and collect corners.&..

$32.00 Ex Tax: $27.83

Count Your Chickens! Cooperative Game

Count Your Chickens is a cooperative board game, meaning all players play together, no one is left o..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $34.78

Fish Stix

Fish Stix is a game of strategy where every fish counts!Match the fish, row by row – the more you ma..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $34.78

Fishing Around Wooden Game

Petit Collage Fishing Around features unique neon inks which make this design driven game a delightf..

$38.00 Ex Tax: $33.04

Gobblet Gobblers Tic Tac Toe Game

This is the perfect first strategy game for a learner.Blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers offers a challeng..

$35.00 Ex Tax: $30.43

Letters and Words Montessori

Headu's Letter and Words Montessori game involves children in an important tactile activity that sti..

$55.00 Ex Tax: $47.83

Magnetic Fun and Games - Jungle

Floss and Rock's 4 n 1 Magnetic Game Compendiums are perfect for on the move! Perfect for journ..

$35.00 Ex Tax: $30.43

Magnetic Fun and Games - Mermaid

Floss and Rock's 4 n1 Magnetic Game Compendiums are perfect for on the move! Perfect for journe..

$35.00 Ex Tax: $30.43

Mudpuppy Geometric Animals Chess and Checkers

Mudpuppy Geometric Animals Chess and Checkers has 32 double-sided birchwood game pieces with checker..

$22.00 Ex Tax: $19.13

My First Chess

Cayro My First Chess is ideal for introducing young children to the passionate game of chess.This ch..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $34.78


Headu Observaction is a game of observation designed to build up concentration skills, reflexes and ..

$45.00 Ex Tax: $39.13

OK Play Travel Game

OK Play is the ultimate travel game, clip it to your bag and take it anywhere!  It's is a super..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Pentago Travel Set

Introducing Pentago, the mind twisting game from Sweden! The game starts with an empty game board, c..

$35.00 Ex Tax: $30.43

Race to the Treasure! Cooperative Game

In Peaceable Kingdom's Race to the Treasure, game players try to beat the Ogre to the treasure by cr..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $34.78


To play Shaperise players memorise and recreate a pattern of coloured blocks.Turn over a card, look ..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Smart Games Froggit

Smart Games Froggit is a multi-level family board game where players guide their frogs across the po..

$46.00 Ex Tax: $40.00


Squiggle will stretch your imagination to its limits.  Players have a limited time to create a ..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09


Telepaths is a matching game of crazy connections and logical links, perfect for the entire family!&..

$42.00 Ex Tax: $36.52

The Original Rummikub Pouch

Rummikub is a classic!  It's the family game that's never the same, players must put get rid of..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $26.09

Triple Pentago

Triple Pentago, the mind twisting game, is a new version of the original Pentago strategy game, whic..

$44.00 Ex Tax: $38.26

Wild Rainbow Wooden Balancing Game

The wooden Wild Rainbow balancing game by Petit Collage features unique neon inks make both these de..

$38.00 Ex Tax: $33.04

Writing Lab Montessori

The Headu Writing Lab game is inspired by the Montessori three-period method.Children put the word p..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $34.78