Junior Explorer Pocket Microscope

Junior Explorer Pocket Microscope

Children will love discovering the minute details that make up the world around them with Tobar's Junior Explorer Pocket Microscope.

Easy to use, the hand-held pocket microscope is portable and lightweight. 

Provides detailed and close-up images of objects and microorganisms invisible to the naked eye.  

Miniature portable microscope with a powerful zoom function. Hold over an object and peer through the eyepiece to see the subject enlarged and use the wheel to adjust the focus.  For best results used under the light, the transparent cap should touch the object. 

It's just the right size for taking on expeditions and with up to 30x magnification, this microscope provides plenty of inspiration for all sorts of scientific discoveries.

Recommended Age 6 years +

Psst ... do not keep insects for more than a few hours and always return them to their natural environment.

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