Perfect Toys for Siblings to Play With Together

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We all know that at times it can be a challenge for siblings to play together nicely.  There is the arguing, the snipping, the winding up and bellowing of ‘Mum’!

But it is possible for them to play nicely together with the right activity.

Here are our suggestions on the perfect toys for siblings to play with together.  
Top Toys for Siblings…


Board Games

A board game is a fantastic way to distract siblings from fighting as they focus on the gameplay instead.  They also learn great skills like sharing, turn taking and how to both win and lose.  Read about our favourite Board Games for Kids.

Blocks and Construction Toys

Let the creativity shine through with a set of blocks, or construction items.  They can build a creation together, or share the blocks to build one each.  For younger children, let them build a tower and take turns knocking it down.  We love the Wonderworld 50pc Block Set or the Smartmax Starter Set because there are plenty of pieces to share.

Walkie Talkies


A set of walkie talkies encourages cooperative play because, they don’t work properly unless used by two people.  The awesome thing about walkie talkies is that you don’t need the official store bought version.  You can make your own with two paper cups connected by a string.


Explorer Tools


A fantastic excuse to get out into nature and see what you can find. Try a scavenger hunt, or set your children a task of finding 5 interesting things each.  Awesome tools to use on your outdoor adventure could be a magnifying glass, a flashlight, and a one-handed bug catcher.


Kitchen Play


Young children love to mimic tasks they see around the home.  Let them work in their own kitchen with these great kitchen sets.  One can prepare the vegetables with this fruit and vegetable cutting set, one can sweep the floor with this sweeping set and then they can all come together for a tea party with this tea set.


Creation Station


Let your children learn about each other by cooperating to make creations together.  Painting and colouring are great, but extend beyond that with play doh, modelling clay or kinetic sand.  Take it up a step for older children by sewing, folding origami or mosaic work.


Water Play


There is nothing more fun than water play on a hot summer’s day.  Run through the sprinkler together, splash in the paddling pool, bath dolls, test what floats and sinks in a big tub, or tip water with cups.  Take turns on a slip n slide to see who can go down the fastest, or play in a tournament with an Alex Gigantic 3 n 1 Net Set


Pretend Play


Pretend play encourages children to use their imaginations and play cooperatively.  Whether they are dressing up in costumes, playing in a band with instruments or playing house with a dollhouse, they will make magical memories together.


Siblings can fight like cats and dogs, but they can also be the best of friends.  Encourage that friendship by having toys that they can enjoy together.  Encourage no girls toys, or boys toys, only toys that all kids can enjoy.

Hopefully your kids have hours of fun playing together with some of our favourite toys for siblings.

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