The Importance of Children Learning to Tell the Time

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Time telling is an important skill for our children to learn. Not only will they know what time of the day it is, but they will learn other important skills as well. There are plenty of benefits for teaching your child how to tell the time.

Children should learn to tell the time on an analogue watch. They can begin learning this skill as young as 5 or 6. It may be harder for children younger than the age of 5 to learn to tell time completely, as they do not yet have the basic math skills required. But it is important for younger children to begin to understand the concept of time, what hours, minutes and seconds are.

Builds Time Management Skills

By being able to tell the time, children will begin to understand the concept of time passing. They will be able to see how long it takes to complete certain tasks. Having this awareness will allow them to build time management skills.

The art of being somewhere on time is a complex concept. There are many things that can influence your ability to make it on time! But if children understand the basic concept of leaving the house at a certain time, then they can prepare themselves for it. They will understand that they need to be out of bed by a certain time, be dressed, have eaten their breakfast, packed their bag, brushed their teeth, all within a certain timeframe. They will also realise there is not always time to play, or watch television when there are more important things to be done.

Learning these skills at a young age will help them be more prepared and organised in their adult life.

Builds Independence

By grasping the above skill of time management, children will also be able to build their independence. They will be able to complete their daily routine without having to be constantly reminded by a parent.

Having a certain level of independence as a child is great, as they learn to do things for themselves. Later in life there will not always be someone to fix you breakfast, or make your bed. Learning these skills at a young age will make adulthood a lot easier. Moving out of home will not mean having to learn to take care of yourself, it will just mean transferring the skills you already have to a new environment.

Less Stress on Parents and Family Members

Having your child learn both time management and independence will mean far less stress for the rest of the household. You will be able to rely on the fact that your children can keep to a schedule (most days, kids will be kids after all!) when required. If you tell them you need to be out the door in 10 minutes, they will understand the concept and will be able to have themselves ready.

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