Dinosaurs Fly Run Dive 70 Piece Puzzle

Dinosaurs Fly Run Dive 70 Piece Puzzle

Dinosaurs Fly, Run, Dive Larsen puzzle consists of 70 pieces with many shaped like dinosaurs.

There were many shallow seas and a warm climate while the dinosaurs ruled the earth. Here a pink pteranodon flies high over a murderous giganotosaurus. 

Giganotosaurus was even larger than tyrannosaurus rex, which in the picture has both legs in the water. A baryonyx has caught a fish that it holds in its long snout, shaped like the snout of a crocodile, perfect for catching fish. Dakosaurus, which swims in the lower left corner, was a distant relative of today's crocodiles. The blue and yellow fish at the bottom of the picture is a dunkleosteus, perhaps more than 8 meters long. 

Comes in a storage tray, no box to remain environmentally friendly and provides easy storage.

Made in Norway from recycled materials.

Recommended Age 4 years +

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