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About Us

Sheree, Senior Retail Assistant

Sheree is one of those people who exudes happiness and never seems to have a bad day; this is largely due to her loving her job, I know, as she tells me often. Treating new and loyal customers like royalty is one of Sheree’s many strengths, as is a wealth of product knowledge and her ability to match toys and games which are best suited to your children’s age, ability and personality.

Leanne, Store Manager

Leanne has mastered the art of flitting between the back office to deal with the accounts and ordering of new stock and the shop front where she enjoys offering hands on experience of toys and games. She has the fun but challenging role of selecting the awesome products which fill our shelves and often makes purchasing decisions based on the experience of bringing up her own family of three boys.

Joanne, Marketing Manager

Joanne resides outside of Hamilton, is not often seen in the shop at all. Instead she concentrates on the online side of the business, taking care of our marketing and website and keeping in touch with customers via social media, email and blogging. She also plans and manages our market stalls and expo stands and loves, loves, loves to test out new products with her daughter.

Support Crew

And then there’s our support crew… Gordon, Leanne’s husband and Joanne’s brother who often contributes his time to look after our children while we work and helps out with heavy lifting and sales at the occasional expo. Adam, Joanne’s husband who we like to call our “crazy ideas man” who is largely responsible for the hard stuff, like gadgets and technology which keep our business running.