Wild Science

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Wild Science Lava Lamp Factory

Make your own light-up bubbling lava lamp and shimmering glitter tube to display in your room! ..

$39.99 $31.99 Ex Tax: $27.82

Gross Magic - Truly Revolting Magic

Gross Magic is just revolting, it’s the most extreme thing in magic and the magic is back but this ..

$39.99 $29.99 Ex Tax: $26.08

Wild Science Cupcake Soap Factory Kit

The Cake Soap Factory comes with two different types of soap, a special transparent casting soap an..

$29.99 $23.99 Ex Tax: $20.86

Wild Science Fart Putty Workshop

For those kids obsessed with farts and all things gassyCook up heaps and heaps of custom coloured fa..

$19.99 $15.99 Ex Tax: $13.90

Wild Science My First Coding and Computer Science Kit

Discover the fundamentals of coding and computer science without a computer!Impress your "Digital N..

$29.99 $23.99 Ex Tax: $20.86

Wild Science Special Effects Kit

Star in your own Gruesome Movies with a severed hand and fingers still wiggling! Make theatrical ‘S..

$29.99 $23.99 Ex Tax: $20.86

Wild Science Worm Farm

Earthworms are the most fascinating, safe, clean, easy-care pets under the Earth! Almost any soil w..

$19.99 $15.99 Ex Tax: $13.90