Walkabout Race to Uluru Board Game


Walkabout Race to Uluru Board Game

Come Walkabout Australia, land of dreams and discovery, where fortunes are made and lost!

This action packed educational journey is full of surprises as you meet some of Australia's more unusual critters.

Do you know which one is now extinct? Or which one looks like two animals rolled into one.

Go on have a go and join the race to Uluru!

In this roll and move game, each player is in a race to be the first to complete the journey from Tasmania to Uluru.

The game uses traditional Aboriginal style artwork to depict the many native animals to the Australian Outback.

Most of the spaces that can be landed on feature one of these animals and each animal has a different power.

These powers affect anyone who lands on the space and often a series of powers can be triggered in the one turn as a player's piece is sent in multiple directions.

The game includes shortcut options, return to start spaces and the chance to catch up to the leader.

This game is suited to Ages 5 +

Adult Designer Mike Barukh

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