Pretend Play

Let your child's imagination run wild with our fantastic range of pretend play toys and dress up outfits for kids. From designer paper hand puppets and medical kits to lunch puzzles and wooden cakes by Fun Factory, Jumpin' Jacks Toys has a fantastic range of pretend play toys for kids to ensure hours of great entertainment.

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15 Note Wooden Xylophone

Encourage early music making with this rainbowcoloured 15 note wooden xylophone.This beautifully mad..

$32.99 Ex Tax: $28.69

3 Wishes Necklace-Gold

Three wishes are yours… the stars align and all is as it should be. This triple star necklace is a ..

$14.99 Ex Tax: $14.99

Apple Park Organic Barnyard Billy Plush Toy

This adorable Barnyard Billy Farm Boy plush toy is handmade from organic cotton and filled with nat..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $26.08

Aurora Cuddly Friend - Panda

Cuddly Friends from Aurora World feature all of your favourite animals designed with arms and legs ..

$24.99 Ex Tax: $21.73

Aurora Sparkle Tales Unicorn - Gold

What sound does a unicorn make?It makes the sound of a normal neigh combined with some twinkly soun..

$31.99 Ex Tax: $27.82

Ballerina Necklace-Round

 Handmade Glass Cabochon Ball Chain Pendant Necklace5 Designs to choose from.Not su..

$6.99 Ex Tax: $6.99

Battat Rainmaker

Capture your little ones attention with this rainmaker full of multi-coloured beads.Learning to hol..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $17.38

Classic World Felt Hamburger

Children love pretending to cook as well as cooking with Mum and Dad. What could be more fun than w..

$26.99 $20.00 Ex Tax: $17.39

Discoveroo Cash Register

Do your kids love shopping or are curious when checking out?Little shopkeepers will LOVE th..

$36.99 Ex Tax: $32.17

Discoveroo Chunky Wooden Cars

Vroom, vroom, vroom....introducing 3 gorgeous new chunky cars from Discoveroo!Made from beech wood ..

$14.99 Ex Tax: $13.03

Discoveroo Doll Family

Grandma, Grandpa, Mum, Dad and three children made from birch make up this set, which is beautifu..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $26.08

Discoveroo Wooden Beach Car Set

Brm! Brm! Toot toot! Beep beep!Move out of the way! Coming through!Your kids will be ra..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $26.08

Discoveroo Wooden Emergency Squeaker Car Set

Each set contains three chunky wooden emergency vehicles, a police car, an ambulance and a fire tru..

$28.99 Ex Tax: $25.21

Discoveroo Wooden Plane Play Set

Kids' imagination will fly away with this wooden Airplane.Loaded with figures this plane is ready f..

$44.99 Ex Tax: $39.12

Hape Pita Pockets

Everyone knows it's a struggle to convince youngsters to eat their vegetables and to naturally tu..

$22.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

House of Marbles Teeny-Tiny Mini-Farm

Old MacDonald had a teeny tiny farm - EIEIO!   Make your own Mini Animal Farm with our re..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $17.38

House of Marbles Wooden Handbell

So easy to hold, just shake along with your favourite tunes or make up your own rhythms to play.A h..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $26.08

Le Toy Van Pelmel Wooden Dinosaur Friends

Dinosaur friends for little ones in bright and friendly colours:Red, Blue Green Purple or Yellow ea..

$4.99 Ex Tax: $4.34

Make A Wish Necklace

Gold Plated ChainChain Length 55cm9 styles to choose from:Good LuckLuck WishRising StarYou RuleI Lo..

$9.99 Ex Tax: $9.99

Moover Toys Line Cradle – Light Purple

Moover Line Dolls Cradle is an ideal companion for the Moover Line Dolls Pram. We love that the Moo..

$74.99 Ex Tax: $65.21

Moover Toys Wooden Pram - Natural

Moover Toys’ Dolls Pram is both classic and modern in its design with focus on what children like..

$139.99 Ex Tax: $121.73

My Big Day Quiet Book

'My Big Day' Fabric Activity Quiet Book has been lovingly designed, and carefully crafted using cott..

$55.99 Ex Tax: $48.69

Nesting Box - Farm

Your little one will spend ages stacking up these nesting boxes, and placing the farm animals in th..

$44.99 Ex Tax: $39.12

Papo Baby T-Rex

A hand-painted, museum quality model of the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex with articulated jaws, a sup..

$24.99 Ex Tax: $21.73

Schylling Tin Toy Jack in the Box

Our Jack in the Boxes are sure to bring a smile to every child's face.Turn the handle to he..

$49.99 Ex Tax: $43.47

SmartMax My First Tractor Set

Great fun for the little ones with this tractor and SmartMax trailer!Play fun guaranteed with the f..

$64.99 Ex Tax: $56.51

Suki Teddy Bear - Emma

What is it about a teddy bear that makes them so irresistible? Is it that they are soft and cuddly,..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $26.08

Teddykompaniet Finger Pals

Teddykompaniet plush finger puppets in various farm animal designs.Assorted farm animals includ..

$5.99 Ex Tax: $5.21

Toysmith Wooden Train Whistle

This wooden train whistle will stop kids in their tracks! Use as an attention-getting signal to ref..

$6.99 Ex Tax: $6.08

Twigz Bucket-Pink

Twigz children's gardening buckets are a strong steel construction with a riveted swivel handle.The..

$12.99 Ex Tax: $11.30

Twigz Garden Hoe

Dedicated to growing young gardeners, Twigz garden tools are ergonomically designed by horticultur..

$17.99 Ex Tax: $15.64

Twigz Watering Can-Blue

Twigz watering cans come in three different colours (pink, orange and green), all 1.5 Litre in volu..

$24.99 Ex Tax: $21.73

Wooden Car Carrier

A beautifully painted wooden truck with car carrying trailer to transport cars!The top floor of the ..

$44.99 Ex Tax: $39.12

Wooden Car Garage

A well thought out garage play set forthose kids that just love cars and racing! With a strong wood..

$99.99 Ex Tax: $86.95

Wooden Carpenter Set

Open the fold out doors and select from a lovely selection of wooden tools; kids will have hours of..

$59.99 Ex Tax: $52.17

Wooden Castanet

A wooden castanet is a great way to promote fine motor skills and the sense of rhythm.With it’s ..

$6.99 Ex Tax: $6.08

Wooden Construction Vehicle Transporter Truck

This beautifully painted wooden transporter truck with trailer and fold down ramp is designed to car..

$39.99 Ex Tax: $34.77

Wooden Cutting Vegetables

All little chef’s love to role play and this pretend vegetable cutting activity board will make a u..

$44.99 Ex Tax: $39.12

Wooden Dolls House - furnished and 4 dolls

This multi-level wooden dolls house includes a family of four dolls and a house lot of furniture whi..

$239.99 Ex Tax: $208.69

Wooden Foldable Workbench

Nourish your child’s desire to build and create with this wooden carpentry set with foldable workben..

$89.99 Ex Tax: $78.25

Wooden Kitchen Set

This beautifully made wooden kitchen set is finished using a unisex pallet of colours so is appealin..

$189.99 Ex Tax: $165.21

Wooden Mixer

All little chef’s love to role play, this wooden mixer will have children whipping up delicious tre..

$44.99 Ex Tax: $39.12

Wooden Responsibility Chart

This wooden magnetic responsibility chart provides a fun and easy way to keep track of children’s ev..

$39.99 Ex Tax: $34.77

Wooden Toaster Breakfast Set

Encourage pretend and imaginative play and this wonderful wooden toy breakfast set. The two sli..

$34.99 Ex Tax: $30.43

Classic World Doctor Case

Doctors still make house calls! A classic and adorable medical set that introduces the world of med..

$32.99 Ex Tax: $28.69

Dantoy Bio Plastic 17 pc Coffee Set

Help your children develop their sense of imagination and their social skills with this bioplastic ..

$49.99 Ex Tax: $43.47

Dantoy Bio Plastic 22 pc Dinner Set

Help your children develop their sense of imagination and their social skills with this bioplastic ..

$49.99 Ex Tax: $43.47

Dantoy Thorbjorn Ice Cream Set

Your little ones can now serve three flavours of ice cream with this 15 piece set from Dantoy.Contai..

$36.99 Ex Tax: $32.17

Dantoy Thorbjorn Tea and Muffin Set

Thorbjorn Frosty Desserts tea set, packed in convenient netting, includes two different pastries, w..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $26.08

Freia Eco Friendly Bunny Doll - Baby Luca

Every toy is embroidered by hand; the result is a beautifully unique hand crafted toy with its own ..

$27.99 Ex Tax: $24.34

Freia Eco Friendly Bunny Doll - Baby Luna

Every toy is embroidered by hand; the result is a beautifully unique hand crafted toy with its own ..

$27.99 Ex Tax: $24.34

Freia Eco Friendly Bunny Doll - Baby Max

Every toy is embroidered by hand; the result is a beautifully unique hand crafted toy with its own ..

$27.99 Ex Tax: $24.34

Freia Eco Friendly Cat Doll - Alisa

Lovely knitted Cat is soft and cuddly friend for a child.All face features are sewn by hand so he is..

$39.99 Ex Tax: $34.77

Freia Eco Friendly Mouse Doll - Diego

Every toy is embroidered by hand; the result is a beautifully unique hand crafted toy with its own ..

$27.99 Ex Tax: $24.34

Mudpuppy Princess Magnetic Figures

This magnetic princess doll comes with two different castles, two white steeds, and lots of clothin..

$39.99 Ex Tax: $34.77

Nici Chill Bill Sloth Plush Toy

Chill Bill is a laid-back cuddly toy made of shaggy NICI plush. This relaxed guy has friendly eyes,..

$29.99 Ex Tax: $26.08

Ooly 3D Colorables Activity DIY Dragon Shield and Sword

Become a legendary dragon master with the 3D Colourables Dragon Shield and Sword. This incredible s..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $17.38

Ooly 3D Colorables Activity DIY Rockin Guitar

It's time to rock out on a guitar of your own making with the Rockin Guitar 3D Colourables.You star..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $17.38

Ooly 3D Colorables Activity DIY Unicorn Shield and Sword

Enjoy magical adventures with a unicorn shield and sword of your own making. Colour your own unicor..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $17.38

Ooly 3D Colourable Activity DIY Wand and Tiara

Dress up like a magical enchantress with this fun DIY colouring wand and tiara. 3D Colourables are ..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $17.38

Robot Remix On The Go Magnetic Play Set

Punch out over 25 plus magnetic pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple characters...

$24.99 Ex Tax: $21.73

Small Cottontail Rabbit by Folkmanis

Hoppin' good fun is store with the Folkmanis Small Cottontail Rabbit puppet. This funny bunny has m..

$64.99 Ex Tax: $56.51