National Geographic Gondwana Dinosaurs Mini Puzzle


National Geographic Gondwana Dinosaurs Mini Puzzle

When the supercontinent Pangaea separated into two great landmasses, Gondwana in the south and Laurasia in the north, dinosaur populations were divided into two main populations that evolved mostly in isolation from each other until they met their end 65 million years ago. This remarkable puzzle features ten of the dinosaurs that roamed Gondwana in the southern hemisphere. More than 550 species of dinosaurs have been named, and scientists estimate that more than a thousand others are waiting to be found.

Made 100% in the USA out of recycled cardboard and printed with soy inks.

Fully interlocking pieces assure that you are getting the best quality puzzle on the market.

Made from durable, double-thick chip board

Puzzle Size: 17.8 × 22.9cm

100 pieces

Recommended for ages 6 years +

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