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The world is in chaos. An asteroid is plunging towards the South Pacific.

Your mission: to prevent the extinction of Australasian animals. As a zoologist, you must outwit your opponents in a race to save the most creatures, if necessary by stealing their territory and animals. Komodo is the award-winning board game that can be played competitively or collaboratively. Entire species depend on you, so you must be ruthless.

Ask yourself: are you tough enough? Are you the kind of Zoologist who is bound for victory, or destined to extinction?

Only Komodo knows!

Includes: 50 Multi-coloured Terrain tiles, 32 Animal cards, 32 Animal markers, 20 Wild cards

Rules of play: Each player holds two animal cards stating the type and amount of terrain needed, five multi-terrain tiles, and wild cards. On a turn, they may lay up to three tiles, place one or both of their animals in free-form contiguous blocks of appropriate terrain, and use all or some of their wild cards. The starter tile has two blocks of each of the four terrain types: forest, grassland, desert and water. The number of blocks of terrain needed by an animal is equivalent to the number of points you can score by placing it. When the tile supply is exhausted, each player takes a final turn, and then loses points for any unplaced animals still in hand.

The player with the highest score wins.

Suitable for 10 years +

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