Four Stress Balls

Four Stress Balls

Sense and Grow Stress Balls are calming and fun to play with.

Children can discover textures with 4 different stress balls and enjoy the unique sensations that indulge the sense of touch.

Develop coordination, exploration and colour recognition, improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills as you explore the sense of touch with these textured balls.

As you squeeze a ball, the nerves and muscles stimulate and contract. This improves the nervous system and curbs stress levels. It can also build muscle strength in the hand so everyday tasks, like writing and playing, get easier.

Learn how to juggle or play a fun game of catch with your squishy balls.

Read all about the benefits of sensory play with the Sense and Grow guide that is attached to each box.

Recommended Age 3 years +

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