Flip-A-Longs - Knights of the Long Table Memory Game

Flip-A-Longs - Knights of the Long Table Memory Game

Have a seat at the royal table - you're in good company for stately learning fun!

The table is set. The guests have been invited.

Experience the magic of adventure, the reward of keen memory, and power of critical thinking.

Little kids are mesmerized in creating the table scene for the banquet. Accompanied by knights in shining armour, flying fairies, sparkling unicorns, fair maidens and jovial jesters, Knights of the Long Table is a grand invitation to playful interaction and meaningful learning!

Flip the cards, identify a match - and add surprising dinner guests to make your regal table the longest!

All the while, kids are:

Thinking critically... "Four blue knights? Wait a minute, two have shields."

Recalling locations... "Were the court musicians over here, or over there?"

Matching colours..."The green dragon piece must fit with the green piece."

Using imagination... "What are the wizards going to do with the frog?"

Advancing vocabulary... "Dad, what's a silversmith?"

Chuckling out loud... "Those silly squirrels -throwing fruit on the table!"

Product Dimensions: 17cm x 13cm x 3.8cm

Players: 2-6

Play Time: 2-5 minutes per game

Recommended for ages 4 years +

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