Doodle Quest


Doodle Quest

Doodle Quest from Blue Orange Games is a game that turns the act of doodling into brain teasing mini games and putting your doodle skills to the test. 

Doodle Quest is an insanely clever, creative game that breaks the bounds of the standard feature sets of kids games. It encapsulates a great combination of memory, spacial awareness and creativity. 

The theme is deep sea adventure. You play through six quest cards with associated missions each game. Each round, you place a quest card in the middle of the table and make sure everyone understands what the mission is. Each player then has a transparent card in front of them used to complete the mission. For example, if you're supposed to swim through a tight lane of fish, you look at the quest card and draw your way through the lane on your transparent card without crossing the barriers. Then each player overlays his or her card onto the quest card to see how they did! 

1 to 4 players

Recommended age 6yrs +

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