Build Up Wooden Block Game


Build Up Wooden Block Game

The Object of the Game

Earn points by causing the next player to topple the tower. The first player to acquire 30 points wins.


The youngest player takes the starter card (has stars on it). Shuffle all remaining cards, place them face down on the table to create a draw pile. Each player draws 3 cards.

Game Play

The player with the starter card goes first and chooses a block card from their hand to play.

Place the card face up next to the draw pile to form the points pile. Then place the matching block in the centre of the table to start the tower. Finally, draw a new card.

Players take turns adding blocks to the tower in the same way. Turn order follows the direction the arrow on the starter card is pointing.

Only the first block can touch the table and a new block is only allowed to touch the last two blocks added to the tower.


20 blocks

20 block cards

4 Action cards


Players 2 – 6

Game time: 5 – 30min

Recommended for ages 8 years +

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